University at Albany, State University of New York

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Algebra/Topology Seminar


Thursdays 1:15–2:35
in ES-143


Boris Goldfarb
Alex Tchernev
Marco Varisco


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Thanks to UAlbany’s Faculty Research Award Program

Fall Semester 2011

September 1
Alex Tchernev
Monomial Resolutions Supported on a Poset
September 8
Liang Kong (Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University, Beijing)
Conformal Field Theories and a New Geometry
September 15
Boris Goldfarb
Topological Rigidity — Part 1
September 22
Boris Goldfarb
Topological Rigidity — Part 2
Tue Sep 27
Emanuele Delucchi (Bremen University, Germany)
Toric Arrangements: Combinatorial Models and the Fundamental Group
September 29
no classes
October 6
no seminar (colloquium)
October 13
Susan Beckhardt
Intrinsically Knotted Graphs
October 20
Michael Broshi (Wellesley College)
G-Bundles over Dedekind Schemes
October 27
Marco Varisco
On the Classification of Division Algebras
November 3
Amanda Beecher (Ramapo College)
Uniform Matroids and Multigraded Free Resolutions
November 10
Timothy Clark (Loyola University Maryland)
Rigid Monomial Ideals: Posets and Resolutions
November 17
Boris Goldfarb
Simplicial Complexes vs. Handlebodies
November 24
no classes
December 1
Courtney Thatcher (Bard College at Simon’s Rock)
Lens Spaces and Free \(\mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z}\) Actions on Products of Spheres