University at Albany, State University of New York

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Algebra/Topology Seminar


Thursdays 1:15–2:35
in ES-143


Boris Goldfarb
Alex Tchernev
Marco Varisco


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Thanks to a Simons Foundation grant (#419561, M. Varisco)

Fall Semester 2016

September 1
Marco Varisco
September 8
Jiuzu Hong (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
The Verlinde Formula for the Trace of the Diagram Automorphism on Conformal Blocks
September 15
Boris Goldfarb
Singular Persistent Homology with Effective Concurrent Computation
September 22
Boris Goldfarb
The Borel Conjecture Through Controlled G-Theory
September 29
Boris Goldfarb
An Example from Linear Algebra Related to Topology
October 6
no seminar (colloquium)
October 13
no classes
October 20
Sjuvon Chung (Rutgers University)
Sheaf Euler Characteristics in Cominuscule Quantum K-Theory
October 27
Changjian Su (Columbia University)
CSM Classes, Characteristic Cycles, and Stable Basis
November 3
Claude Schochet (Technion, Haifa, Israel)
Spanier-Whitehead K-duality
November 10
Cristian Lenart
Schubert Calculus Beyond K-Theory
November 17
Weifu Wang (Department of Computer Engineering, UAlbany)
Robotic Knot Tying
November 24
no classes
Fri Dec 2
[3:00–4:00] David Gepner (Purdue University)
On localization sequences and algebraic K-theory
December 8
Yaping Yang (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Monodromy Representations of Elliptic Braid Groups